Power investment

Power investment

Electric Power Investment

The total installed capacity of the electric power sector is planned to be 16.8 million kw, and the total installed capacity which has been under operation is 7000 MW. The main projects include Guangdong Huaxia Yangxi Power Plant, Guangdong Huizhou Pinghai power Plant and Inner Mongolia Zhujiaping Power Plant.Ranking on the second in Guangdong Province with 9.31 percent of the installed capacity of coal-fired units which already under operation.

Through Guangdong Huaxia Electric Power Development Co., LTD., the company conducts overall management of power sector projects, and establishes strategic partnership with guangdong Energy Group, Shanghai Electric Group and other large enterprises. The invested thermal power plant adopts advanced and efficient desulfurization and denitrification technology to realize "zero emission" of waste water and waste gas.

At present, Guangdong Huaxia electric power Company is preparing for the domestic capital market listing.

Guangdong Huaxia Yang West Power Plant/

The project is located in Yangxi County, Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province, and is wholly owned by Zhujiang Investment Management Group. The total installed capacity is planned to be 7480 MW, and the total installed capacity has been put into operation (6 units) with a total capacity of 5000 MW. It ranks among the top 3 thermal power projects with single plant installed capacity in China and ranks among the top 10 coal-fired power stations in the world. Among them, Unit 5 and Unit 6 are the world's first 1240 MW high-efficiency ultra-supercritical thermal power generating units. Currently, they are the world's single-axis full-speed thermal power generating units with the largest single capacity and the lowest coal consumption. They have completely independent intellectual property rights and have obtained 28 patents in total, with the overall domestication rate reaching over 90%. Units 7 and unit 8 are under construction.

7.48 million kW
Master planned capacity
Yang west power plant
Power plant coal wharf
power plant at night
Pinghai Power Plant/

The project is located in Huidong County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, and is jointly constructed by Pearl River Investment Management Group and Guangdong Energy Group. The total planned installed capacity is 6000 MW, and the total installed capacity (2 units) has been put into operation, totaling 2000 MW. The project is the first multi-kilowatt unit project with mixed ownership investment in Guangdong province, which is the first time for private enterprises to participate in mixed ownership investment. Unit 3 and unit 4 of phase II are under preparation.

6 million kw
Master planned capacity
Pinghai Power Plant
coal unloading terminal
power plant at night
Inner Mongolia Zhujiaping Power Plant/

The project is located in Zunge Banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, with a total planned installed capacity of 3320 MW. Unit 1 and unit 2 are scheduled to be completed and put into operation by the end of 2020. Zhujiaping power Plant, as an important part of the integrated industrial chain of Pearl River coal and power lines in Inner Mongolia, is also an important supporting power point of the UHV AC transmission channel from West Inner Mongolia  to South Tianjin .

3.32 million kw
Master planned capacity
Zhujiaping Power Plant
mobilization meeting
Opening ceremony
Electricity Distribution Company/

The Electricity Distribution Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangdong Pearl River Investment Management Group with the full name ofGuangdong Huaxia Electricity Distribution Co., LTD. It is one of the first electricity distribution companies (license number: SD08) with electricity selling qualification in Guangdong Province, and also a member of the Guangdong Power Trading Market Management Committee. As a large-scale electricity distribution company integrated with sales in Guangdong province, it actively participates in the national electricity market reform. Relying on Pearl River Investment Management Group, it has rich resource advantages, technical strength and marketing management system. The power generation projects mainly include Yangxi Power Plant, Pinghai power Plant, Zhujiaping Power Plant, etc. The electricity sales business share is expected to account for 10% in Guangdong province by 2021.

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